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DUI/DWI Attorney in Albuquerque, New Mexico

New Mexico DWI And DUI Laws

Under New Mexico law, DWI or driving while intoxicated refers to both blood alcohol and drug impairment. While the legal blood alcohol limit of any driver is 0.08%, if you display any signs of being impaired you can still be charged with DWI. As a licensed driver in New Mexico, you are required by law to submit to a blood or breathalyzer test if an officer has reasonable suspicion to believe you are driving impaired, however, if your rights were in any way violated during your arrest, the case may be dismissed. As your attorney, Rudy Chavez performs a rigorous investigation of your arrest to ensure that your arrest was reasonable and legal.

DWI Penalties

In New Mexico, even a first offense DUI/DWI can have harsh penalties. Beginning as a misdemeanor, potential consequences from a DWI/DUI conviction escalate rapidly if you are caught driving drunk multiple times.

  • First Offense DUI/DWI: Misdemeanor. Up to 1-year license revocation, up to 90 days in jail, DWI school, ignition interlock for 1 year, community service, and potential alcohol treatment.

  • Second Offense DUI/DWI: Misdemeanor. 2-year license revocation, 96 hours of mandatory jail time, up to $1000 in fines, community service, ignition interlock for 2 years, extended probation.

  • Third Offense DUI/DWI: Misdemeanor. 3-year license revocation, mandatory 30 days in jail, up to $1000 in fines, community service, 2-year ignition interlock term, extended probation.

  • Fourth Offense DUI/DWI: Felony 4th Degree. Lifetime license revocation, 6 months mandatory prison time, up to $5,000 in fines, lifetime ignition interlock device.

  • Fifth Offense DUI/DWI or More: Felony 3rd Degree. Lifetime license revocation, up to 2 years in prison, up to $5,000 in fines, lifetime ignition interlock.

If your BAC score is over 0.16 you may be charged with Aggravated DWI, a misdemeanor charge that carries more serious penalties. Experienced with DWI laws, Rudy Chavez knows what is at stake if you are convicted. By crafting an aggressive and effective defense, Rudy Chavez provides legal help when you need it the most.

Are You Facing DUI Charges?

Protect Your Future

New Mexico DWI laws are highly punitive. A strong and effective defense is the best way to fight the harsh penalties of DWI/DUI. When you choose Rudy Chavez, you receive a criminal defense that is not only committed to defending your rights but is personally invested in your case. Contact us today and learn how Rudy Chavez can fight your DWI charges.

Consequences of a DUI/DWI in New Mexico

Because of the harsh penalties of DWI/DUI in New Mexico, offenders experience the shame of a lapse in judgment and endure harsh penalties that can cause them to lose their job, their family, and their financial stability. As your lawyer, Rudy Chavez treats you like a person rather than a criminal. With a personal approach to law, Rudy Chavez fights to protect the things most important to you with effective and experienced criminal defense.

Drunk driving laws in New Mexico are extremely punitive. According to DWI/DUI statistics, New Mexico ranks high for drunk driving-related accidents and fatalities. To curb this, lawmakers have made it extremely expensive and devastating for any person who drives drunk. Potential consequences of DWI/DUI include:

  • Vehicle Seizure

  • Hundreds to Thousands of Dollars in Fines

  • Suspended or Revoked License

  • Mandatory Ignition Interlock for 1 year (at least)

  • Jail Time

  • Alcohol Treatment

  • DWI School

  • Community Service

Rudy Chavez helps you minimize the consequences of a DUI/DWI with experienced and effective criminal defense. When you call Rudy Chavez after your DWI, he will immediately conduct a thorough investigation of your arrest and help you keep your privilege to drive and your vehicle.

Repeat DWI In New Mexico

DWI/DUI statistics indicate that about half of New Mexico drunk driving arrests are repeat offenders. If you have been arrested for multiple DWI/DUIs, you may suffer harsher penalties, including:

  • Permanent license revocation

  • Prison

  • Extensive Probation

  • Rehab Alcohol Treatment

  • Lifetime Interlock

In order to protect your personal freedom, it is important to get in touch with an attorney who has extensive experience with New Mexico DWI laws. Drunk driving cases are a specialty of Rudy Chavez; he has handled over 5,000 New Mexico DWI cases with a 90% success rate.

DWI/DUI Driver's License Revocation

If your car is your dominant form of transportation, a driver’s license revocation can have a significant and negative impact on your life. A DWI/DUI lawyer for driver’s license revocations, Rudy Chavez is committed to helping you maintain your legal driving status after a DWI/DUI arrest.

New Mexico MVD and Implied Consent

Under the Implied Consent Law, licensed drivers in New Mexico are required by law to submit to a chemical or blood test if a police officer suspects they are impaired. When a driver blows above the legal limit or tests positive for banned substances, the driver’s license may be revoked. .

Rudy Chavez helps you protect your right to drive by taking immediate action. Within 10 days of your arrest, Rudy Chavez can request and attend an administrative hearing on your behalf and defend your right to drive. Unless you request a hearing, your license will be revoked without question within 20 days.

Duration of Revocation and Limited Licenses

After a DWI/DUI arrest, you need a lawyer who knows the facts about drunk driving so you can fully understand what you are up against. Rudy Chavez has over 33 years of experience handling New Mexico DWI/DUIs and is with you every step of the way to give you the information you need regarding your license revocation.

Depending on the number of prior offenses, drivers may encounter difficulty getting a license after DUI/DWI arrests. The duration of your penalties ranges based on the severity of the offense:

  • First Offense: 6 months to 1 y1-yearear revocation

  • Second Offense: 2-year revocation

  • Third Offense: 3-year license revocation

  • Fourth Offense or More: lifetime license revocation

Limited licenses can be granted if you install an ignition interlock on your car. If you are a commercial vehicle driver, however, you may need the help of an experienced drunk driving attorney in getting a license after a DUI /DWI conviction.

If you are arrested for DWI/DUI in New Mexico, your license will most likely be confiscated on the spot. In order to prevent license revocation, you need to take immediate action.