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Bankruptcy Attorney in Albuquerque, New Mexico

When debt is weighing your life down, you may feel like you have no other option than to endure the stress of creditor harassment and potential repossession. This is not true. Also known as “liquidation” bankruptcy, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy provided debt relief when you need it the most. Rudy Chavez provides legal counsel and guidance so you can effectively complete the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy process and get a clean start on your credit.

Why You Need a Lawyer
to File Bankruptcy Documents

Without legal representation, debtors risk inaccurate financial assessment, incorrect filing, and missing important deadlines. Because you can only file bankruptcy with Chapter 7 once every 8 years, it is important to hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney to help you maximize the benefits of debt relief.

When you choose Rudy Chavez as your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyer, he can help you with:

  • Prebankruptcy procedures – assessing the best filing options for your financial situation to maximize debt relief.

  • Filing all required documents – including bankruptcy forms and information such as tax returns, income documentation, property, and bank account records.

  • Managing schedules and petitions – Rudy Chavez stays on top of your paperwork and keeps you aware of any appointments you need to move forward

  • Exemptions – correctly identifying items exempt from Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, including cars, homestead, and furniture.

  • Credit Counseling – choosing the incorrect form of credit counseling could result in a dismissal of your petition to file.

Get a Fresh Start.

Albuquerque Resources
For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Unlike other bankruptcy lawyers, Rudy Chavez is personally invested in giving you the best possible legal guidance for your financial situation. He provides honest and direct knowledge of your case every step of the way so you remain in control of your finances at all times.

A lot of lawyers can help file bankruptcy paperwork, but very few specialize in it. Bankruptcy lawyers have specialized knowledge of legal bankruptcy procedures so you can maximize the benefits of your filing.

Rudy Chavez is well-versed in all Chapter 7 Bankruptcy rules so you can get the most out of your debt relief, such as:

  • Prequalification

  • Asset Protection

  • Rules for Businesses

  • Dischargeable Debts

  • Exemptions

  • And More

Armed with a thorough knowledge of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy law, Rudy Chavez is prepared to help you get back on your financial feet swiftly and effectively.

Contact an Albuquerque attorney to file for bankruptcy if you are struggling with debt management, Rudy Chavez can help. Contact him today to learn how an experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you get control of your finances and start fresh with Chapter 7 bankruptcy.